U.S. & Tanzanian Staff

Phil Latessa, Executive Director, U. S.

Phil Latessa, Executive Director, U. S.

Phil Latessa has over 15 years experience in developing and managing international grants. He served as Project Director for two multi-year projects between Iowa and Russia. Currently, he is serving as U.S. Coordinator for a collaborative project between the Pare Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania and the SE Iowa Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

The current project is funded by PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) and focuses on training community volunteers in Tanzania to deliver end-of-life care to terminally ill HIV/AIDS patients.

He served as Executive Director of Iowa Sister States, an NGO responsible for conducting exchange programs with Iowa’s eight official Sister States of Yucatan, Mexico; Stavropol, Russia; Cherkasy, Ukraine; Hebei, China; Taiwan; Yamanashi, Japan; Terengganu, Malaysia and Veneto Italy.

Elibariki Kisimbo – Director of Development, Tanzania

Empower Tanzania works entirely through partnerships between Americans and Tanzanians, and nowhere is that more important than in our staffing.  In Tanzania, all of our operations are under the watchful eye of Mr. Elibariki Kisimbo, of Same, Kilimanjaro where our office is located.  Kisimbo is ETI’s Director of Development, and his responsibility is to ensure that ETI achieves its goals as it works with Tanzanians to sustainably improve quality of life in rural areas.  Quite simply, he is our “go-to” guy, and he is amazing at getting the job done!
Kisimbo’s background before ETI was in Community Development and Agriculture, and he believes that his role at ETI will contribute significantly to the positive development changes of entire communities in rural Tanzania.
Sheri Krumm - Development Coordinator, U.S.

Sheri Krumm – Development Coordinator, U.S.

The role of ETI in the U.S. is to fund projects and be accountable for the results achieved in Tanzania, keep the communications flowing, and coordinate our army of volunteers.  The communications and volunteer activities are the responsibility of Development Coordinator, Sheri Krumm.  With her background in business and extensive experience in sales and marketing, she loves getting the message of who ETI is out there to the public, and finding people who want to get involved.  Her favorite part of the job is to help volunteers find their perfect fit in the organization, and watch their delight as their talents make a huge difference in the lives of the people of rural Tanzania.
Program Managers/Coordinators
Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.  ETI’s Program Managers and Coordinators do exactly that, by working with volunteers and paid staff to bring our programs to life in Tanzania.  Without these amazing leaders working in the field every day, nothing we dream of would ever come to fruition.
Rev. Joas Mpinda

Rev. Joas Mpinda

Rev. Joas Mpinda has been Program Coordinator of the Palliative Care Project for the last six years.  He leads 20 teams of Nurses and Community Health Workers to deliver end-of-life care to HIV/AIDs patients in some of the most remote areas of the Kilimanjaro Region.  This is one of ETI’s largest and most successful programs, thanks to the work of U.S. Coordinator Phil Latessa, and Tanzanian Coordinator Rev. Mpinda.

Elias Leasa

Mr. Elias Leasa is a recent graduate of the University of Dodoma with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, and serves as Empower Tanzania’s Coordinator of Small Projects, as well as overseeing the research and development of new projects.  Elias is a strong creative problem solver, and is invaluable in taking our pilot projects to the point where they can be scaled up and brought to multiple locations.
Ms. Efrancia Nzoto

Ms. Efrancia Nzota

Ms. Efrancia Nzota is a recent graduate of the Community Development Training Institute (CDTI) in Tengeru, Tanzania, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Development.  She is the Program Manager of the Improving Women’s Health Program (IWHP).  She works with U.S. Project Mgr., Dr. Jeff Carithers to coordinate 30 Community Health Educators who do educational seminars throughout the Same District, focusing on a variety of topics designed to raise the overall health of  women and their families.
Nardi Macha, Coordinator of Gender Based Violence Program

Ms Nardi Macha

Ms. Nardi Macha is also a Community Development Specialist, and coordinates Empower Tanzania’s new Gender Based Violence Program.  This program reaches out to women in the community who are experiencing gender based violence, and forms support groups to council them, help them find ways to access programs available to them in the community, and help them create income generating projects to support their families.
Ms. Joyce Lee

Ms. Joyce Lee

Ms. Joyce Lee serves as Administrative Assistant to our staff in Tanzania.  She comes to us with a degree in Community Development from Tumaini University, Iringa, as well as a degree in Human Resource Management from The Institute of Social Work, Dar es Salaam.

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