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Thank You For Supporting Our Mission!

Empowering the people of rural Tanzania!

Empower Tanzania Inc (ETI) works in partnership with rural Tanzanians to improve their quality of life. ETI is addressing the underlying issues that hinder resiliency in the rural areas, such as health care, education, agriculture practices, markets for products, and increasing water supply and quality.

Finding answers to rural development challenges requires working together with communities to create a vision and a long term commitment beyond the life of a project. ETI pursues this approach through all we do.

Our Mission

Empower Tanzania Inc works in partnership with Tanzanians to develop models that sustainably improve the quality of life and resilience of rural areas through health improvements, education and economic empowerment.

Education for Tomorrow

At Empower Tanzania, Inc we believe that when you change a woman, she changes her children, and it changes a whole village.  That is why we focus the majority of our resources on programs that … Read more...

Economic Empowerment

Economic empowerment looks different in every community, and tends to be woven into nearly every project.  Current focus areas include, farming as a family income source, livestock and … Read more...

Health For Life

Diseases such as AIDS, Malaria and TB are a major cause of death in Tanzania. Lack of access to health care in rural areas is a very difficult challenge to overcome in Tanzania, but ETI considers … Read more...